1000 Hours of Blessing

“Thousand Hours of Blessing is an opportunity for the community of Woodbridge to be blessed by the hands of others.  It is an opportunity for individuals to step out into their neighbourhoods to show and demonstrate love and kindness in action. As Christians we believe that we have been shown extravagant love through Jesus Christ, and so this is a chance for us to show that same love to those in our community, we want to be hands that love.”

If you go down to Kingston Field today
You’ll be in for a big surprise.
For there you’ll see some wonderful folk
Painting the fence in a rainbow of colours
To give the kids a happy smile !”

This is what Woodbridge is all about ..A vibrant and wonderful Community and a lasting legacy for all to enjoy .

Clare Perkins – Woodbridge Town Mayor

‘These are ordinary every day things. But I have been more mindful; thoughtful and attentive. I’ve been more observant and seen how living a life that reflects God has an impact on others. Sometimes I forget that, and this challenge has been a personal one, but as with most things that are difficult, it is turning out to be good for me too!’